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    How do I prevent Premiere from placing the scratch disk onto the 'same as project" folder

    Brit.b Level 1

      I start a project by resetting the default scratch disc settings from “same as project” (which is on my “G” drive) to another hard drive where I have always stored defaults on CS3 (the “D” drive). I never had to redo my scratch disks when I created a new project in CS3. Now I need to redo them every time. If I open an older project in CS5 it automatically places all scratch disk files onto the G drive. How do I prevent Premiere from placing all scratch disk information onto the G drive before I open an older file? By the time I get around to changing the location, Premiere has already begun saving scratch disk information on the wrong disk.

      However I have another related problem. When I import an older project to nest it in a new project, the scratch discs mysteriously change back from the D drive where I set it up to the “G” drive. I finally discovered this when I reopen the project and all previews disappeared and it had defaulted back to the G drive.