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    Why is the playback sound so loud.


      Using PRE8.  Although the sound recordings are nominal, no higher than 0db, I always get extremely loud playbacks on my DVD.  It's blasting and I have to way lower the volume before starting.  Why is that happening and how can I correct?

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          nealeh Level 5

          I've always found commercial DVD's have a low volume level needing my TV volume level switched up high. Did you 'normalise' the audio on your clips? If so that would make your custom DVD seem much louder than commercial ones.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You know, I find most commercial DVD's to be about +3dB higher, than for my other input settings. I always have to turn the volume down...


            When editing my Audio, I always do so with headphones, and carefully monitor the output Audio. I do this by ear, and only glance at the Levels Meters. In general, my Master is probably most often set to -3dB, and for Menus, and for my surround channels, I am usually ~ -6dB, but this all depends on the Levels of my source material. It is not uncommon to have a Track at -18dB, especially if it's used in a Menu, or is in my surround channels.


            I'd almost always rather turn UP the home theater's volume, than have to run to turn it down, as the house is blown off its foundation.


            What I absolutely hate is the commercial DVD, where the Center channel is way down, but the SFX in the LFE channel is up by about +12dB. I almost blew out my walls on Fight Club, with the airplane crash scene. Just totally painful. SFX pieces do not need to be THAT loud. Just a pet peeve of mine.


            I also find that too many burned DVD's (by others) have the Menu Audio much, much too high, as do some commercial DVD's. That Audio should be nothing more than "background" music.


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              AlanKl2 Level 1

              I jusst re-checked  . It seems that when I play back on my Samsung Blu-Ray player, the levels are OK.  It's only on my Playstation 3 Slim that it blasts.  I haven't traked down anything yet, but it must be one of the settings in the PS3 or my Sony surround sound system.  By the way, Neale, the Normalize button on the PRE8 does not operate.  That's a program error from Adobe when they issued PRE8.  I asked a question about that previously and Steve Gressitti confirmed that it wasn't activated.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/2928354#2928354I see that you Bill just listen on your ear phones, but is there a way to adjust the levels visually? How would you get around not being able to Normalize with a click of the button?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                is there a way to adjust the levels visually?

                In the Audio Mixer, one can watch the Levels Meters, and adjust the Volume so that no peaks go beyond the yellow - no RED. If you find that your playback equipment is too loud as your peaks approach 0dB, then set your Levels to about -3dB for the peaks.


                As far as Normalize goes, I seldom use it, so would never have missed it. I will, instead, ride the Levels in Audio Mixer. Note: Audio Mixer adds Track Keyframes, so one would want to do anything with it AFTER all Clip-level editing has been done. The Keyframes are added to the Audio Track, and if you later move Clips around, that Track is still adjusted, as it originally was, and the Clips on that Track will have no effect, i.e. if you increased the Volume for a particular low-level Clip, and then replace that Clip with one with a higher-level, that Volume increase will still be applied.


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