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    Exporting Gigantic Flash File Issue


      hello.  i'm running flash CS3 on a 2.8 GHz quad core mac with 6 GB of RAM.  i am trying to export a gigantic flash file as a quicktime.  this is a 6 minute video with many JPEGs so the actual flash file is about 900 MB.  my computer's drive has about 40 GB of free space.  when i have tried to export even a small and poor quality quicktime with no sound, it tells me that the computer has run out of memory and couldn't complete the task..."the export operation failed because it ran out of memory".  really small and really bad has worked a few times, but i need a nice large high quality copy.  i tried moving the job to another drive in my computer which had 200 GB of free space but it said the same thing.  in my quicktime export options i did tell it to store temp data on disk (tried both 40 GB and 200 GB drives as place to store) rather than "in memory".  otherwise i am unsure what i can try.  i might resort to exporting a SWF file (which might be about 300 MB) and importing that into after effects to make a quicktime.  are there other things i can try in flash to make this work?  would a more recent version of flash maybe help?  thank you for any assistance.  my other programs are all out of date if this might be a factor.  my quicktime pro, for instance.  do i really need more memory free to complete my task?