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    Inport avi file Unsupported?




      I made a movi with FRAPS.

      Thats a program that i can record my game.

      in this case I made a record at Counter-Strike:Source.


      I'm trying now to inport this file.

      but i get this message:

      Schermafbeelding 2010-09-05 om 15.06.53.png


      I can play the this movie in quick time, and in VLC player.

      So its not damaged.. and avi is not unsupported.. so whats wrong?

      There is nothing wrong with the file.

      And the problem is with all the record files.


      I made a record on my camera and that works in after effects, but the game records not :S

      Verry strange.

      I hope somebody can help me.



      MAC OSX 10.6.4


      Working in:

      Adobe after affects CS 5.



      Regards Mitchel