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    How to resize a document and its contents?

    Budo Cat Level 1

      I'm having some trouble resizing a single page, and a single part of that page, on my document.


      First the details: My page dimensions are 800 x 1200. On top of that black background, there's textured layer measuring 760 x 130 at the top (for website's name/logo/misson statement) and 760 x 990 below (for site's content and graphics). There are 20 px borders (between textured layer and background) at the top and sides, and 10 px border at the bottom. The 50 px gap between the top and main textured areas is for the navigation bar.


      Now the problem: I want to resize just one page to 800 x 1250 px. And to complicate things, I only want to grow the bottom part by those 50 px, so that that textured layer measures 760 x 1040  (I have to add something to that page's main content, so I don't want to affect the size of either navigation bar or site's name/logo).


      Adobe instructions (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Fireworks/10.0_Using/WSAE41683F-ED20-4488-9389-79DC28BD7CE0.ht ml) haven't been much help. I go to Modify > Canvas > Image Size, change to 1250 pixels, click off "constrain proportions" and click on "resample image" and "current page only." When I do that, it does enlarge both the black background and the textured layer to the size I want. But it also:


      1. Changes the entire page -- that is, it grows the nav bar and logo areas as well as the main content section.


      and, strangely,


      2. The textured layer on my two dozen other pages grows, but not the black background. In other words, I change both the background and layer size on the page I want to modify, but I inadvertently grow only the textured layer (but not background) on all of my other pages. (So the texture on all of those other pages now spills off the black background.)


      So my question: How can I resize only the main content's background and textured layer on one page? Is it even possible?


      Many thanks to anyone who can help. And my apologies for the lengthy explanation.  But I'm new to webdesign and Adobe Fireworks, and I wanted to be as clear as possible about the problem.


      PS If it matters, I'm using Fireworks CS4

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          You're probably better off resizing the canvas for the specific page, then scaling the rectangle aftaerwards. Adjusting Canvas size won't

          affect the size of the images on the page.

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            Budo Cat Level 1



            Thank you! One more question, though. After I resize the canvas, do I simply draw a new rectangle over the old one? Or can I delete the old rectangle, then draw a new one on the blank canvas?

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              pixlor Level 4

              You could delete the old one and start over, if it has too many things you don't like about it. However, the rectangles are vector objects and are editable. If all you want is a rectangle with different dimensions, select your current rectangle and change its height, width, and position with the Info panel:


              You can change the dimensions and position of any object with the Info panel, not just rectangles. For odd-shaped objects, the values refer to the bounding box.

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                Budo Cat Level 1

                Thank you, Pixlar. However, I couldn't adjust the rectangle as you suggested, as it was on my master page. That was the problem I was having: Both the canvas and the texture layer I put on it (ie, the rectangle) were on the master page. I wanted to change the dimensions of both canvas and rectangle on only one page. Following Jim's suggestion, I was able to change the canvas, but not the rectangle (at least,not without adjusting the master page, which would have affected the layout of twenty other pages).


                I finally decided to follow your other suggestion: Delete the old one and start over.


                Thank you again for your help. Nice having a forum like this to turn to.

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                  Jim_Babbage Level 4

                  OK if that rectangle is on the master page, but needs to be in a different location on certain pages, you will have to remove it from the master page, add it to ONE page in your design (on it's own layer) then share that layer to all pages except the one that is different in dimension.


                  Add the object to that larger page as well (not shared this time) and scale it as needed.


                  Sharing layers to pages is far more flexible than applying objects tot he Master page.




                  Jim Babbage

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                    Budo Cat Level 1

                    Thanks much! Makes perfect sense, now that you've explained it.