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    Importing a Lightroom 3 Flash Web Slideshow to Flash Professional CS5

    James M Photography



      I am a photographer building a flash website for my clients, and I have everything completed, except adding a slideshow to my "Gallery" page. In "Lightroom 3.2 RC" I have built a custom "Flash Web, Controllable Slideshow". How do I import that into my project in "Flash Professional CS5"?


      Thank-You In Advance.


      P.S I have already tried exporting the slideshow from "Lightroom 3.2 RC", and then importing it into "Flash Professional CS5"; But whenever I do this, it only allows me to import bits and pieces of it at a time. For example... When I go to the import menu in "Flash Profession CS5", I am able to navigate to the folder, but forces me to view the contents of it. Because of this, "Flash Professional CS5" will only let me bring in certain files at a time, like the thumbnails, then the medium images, then the large images etc...


      Also when I view the file, even with a keyboard command (I'm on a Mac so Command+A) will not select all content. It makes me go into the folder, then to the images, then I am able to import those specific, standalone images.


      In addition, "Flash Profession CS5" will not let me import specific functions, such as the java script files, and the index.