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    sgershen Level 1
      08/10/2007 02:53:19 PM
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      Here is the question: I had created an xml doc and a flash menu tree ( user selects a a folder clicks on the folder then can click on the destination) here is my problem: everyone is using firefox as there default browser but there is one site that needs to be opened in microsoft internet explorer ( doesnt show properly in firefox) but show properly in in explorer. How can I redirect the one button (select) button to open in internet explorer and not in firefox ? Can anyone help me on this. Can this be done using the xml doc? or do I have to do something in flash. please help. Attached is the code. I need to find out how to just isolate one link to get redirected to internet explorer and not firefox

      Thank you in advance
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You can't choose the user's browser for them. You could set something up to give them a warning or something - e.g. by checking the current browser being used, and display the warning if its not IE... but it would mean a combination of code and setting an attribute for the links that require IE for example.
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            SymTsb Level 2
            Unless you are going to use a projector. Then I believe it would be possible to force the file to open in IE.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              @SymTsb... yes if its an enhanced projector. I don't think you could do that with a regular standalone - I think you can run 'exe's but don't they have to be in a specific subdirectory?...I might be wrong, can't remember. My assumption here (and generally unless stated otherwise) is that its a web page. Perhaps its not...