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    Why is video all choppy?

    imsam67 Level 1



      I'm new to video editing and Premiere Elements. I'm also using the trial version to see if I like the app.


      I shot an HD video on my Canon Vixia HF200. I then downloaded the video on to my computer. When I watch the video on my computer, it looks fine. However, when I place the video into a new project in PE8, it's all choppy which makes editing very difficult.


      My hardware specs are:

      Intel i7 2.93 GHz CPU

      12 GB Memory

      ATI Radeon HD4800 Video Card w/ 512MB memory

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


      Any idea what's causing this?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is the Project Preset that you chose?


          When you have your Clips on the Timeline, is there a red line above them?


          What happens, if you press Enter, to Render the Timeline for smoothest playback?


          Good luck,



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            The editing mode is HDV 720p and yes, there's a red line above the timeline. Left part is green and that part seems to play smoothly. Does it mean, PE is rendering the media? Is there a way to prevent it from rendering so that it play smoothly during edit?


            I didn't know about hitting enter. Just did it, now it's rendering it. Looks like it'll take some 20 mins. to render my video. Does this mean, it'll pre-render the media so that I can work on it smoothly?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As of PrE 8, Background Render was added. As this is such a resource hog, most users turn that OFF.


              The red line indicates that there is a mis-match between your footage and your Project Preset, or that you have changed the footage, say with a Transition, or an Effect, or maybe an overlay Title. Not sure what your footage consists of, as I do not have that camera, but it is likely that there is a better Preset, where you would get no line. Maybe let us know the specs. from the camera's manual.


              Now, Rendering (not to be confused with Export/Share) is for the smoothest possible playback. Sometimes, one does not need to Render, but other times, they will. When Background Rendering is OFF, you can choose to Render, by hitting Enter. Also, you can limit what is Rendered, by setting the WAB (Work Area Bar) on the Timeline. That can save time.


              Good luck, and please let us know the full details of your camera's footage, as someone will probably have a better choice of Presets for your Project, and will save having to Render for smoothest playback, until you add Transitions, Effects, or overlay Titles, etc.



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                imsam67 Level 1



                First, thank you so much for all the extremely useful information you're giving me here.


                I want to give you the specifics of my settings on my camera but may need some help with that too.


                The main thing is this: I set the camera to capture my videos in the highest possible quality. So I set it to AVCHD 24Mbps at 24 fps. Does this answer your question or do you need to know more?


                I'm going to use these videos on the Internet. Now, the standard response I get is that I don't need the highest quality for the Internet. I realize that but I want the highest quality for the net. I don't want the videos to look like those on YouTube. So quality of the videos are extremely important to me. The video player on my website plays videos at 576x324. I also realize this is way smaller than the HD settings.


                Based on this information what would be the best preset in PrE 8?



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  There are some discussions on AVCHD 24p in this THREAD, with links to other articles.


                  Hope that this helps,