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    Touchscreen TV app slows down - caching problem?

    BornfreeNZ Level 1

      We have created an interactive Touchscreen using flash CS4 - http://www.cadstudio.co.nz/client_hlc/home.swf


      The Touchscreen is already in the showroom.

      Every morning it is restarted.

      By midday the whole application slows down to the point were it becomes very slow.

      I presume this is a caching problem.

      In order to resolve this we close down IE and restart it (playing the SWF file through Internet Explore on full screen mode).

      Once it has restarted it plays at the correct speed.


      Does any one know of a solution to this problem?


      I have thought about setting up windows 7 to reboot IE and have the flash file restart every few hours however a client may be navigating through the

      display when it reboots it self. I would prefer to avoid this if possible.