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    Video captures take extremely long time to "conform" since update.


      Not sure if it's just me, but it seems that ever since updating it takes an extremely long time to conform the mpeg that CS5 itself captures. I have a roughly 20 minute HD (1280x720) video capture from tape that is taking hours to conform... still in the process as I write this. I've have the same issue with other CS5 captures this past week.

      My system is a Intel 2.5 Mhz core 2 quad with 8 GB memory with Vista 64 OS. CS5 runs off of one drive (D:) while the files worked on are on a external SATA RAID array. Is there any settings or tricks I should know of to have this process done quicker?

      It makes me wonder why Premiere has to conform a mpeg file that it created itself. I don't have the same issues with JVC (.TOD) files brought in directly from a hard disc based video camera.


      Help !