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      ok so I am trying to construct a grid pattern that will function as if it were like one of the old school depot schedules.
      The kind that flicker thru numerous letters and numbers and stop to form a Destination and Time
      I want to convey different information but in a similar style

      I can actionscript 4 similar quarters
      each quarter containing 324 squares
      together forming a 720x405 area, (1296 squares total, stupid huh)
      but i have a bad time referencing them (actually no idea how to).

      basically i want them to flip randomly a bit and stop on a certian letter or number
      with this many squares i would rather create dynamically rather than animating each motion.
      Any ideas are helpful or links to similiar ideas.
      And if you don't understand I geuss i can't convey my idea well enough yet.