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    'Not Responding' message when saving in CS5

    ShackyC Level 1

      Today is the first time i've had the chance to take my new CS5 illustrator out for a drive, and have found that more often than not, when I save the file i'm working on I get the 'Not Responding' error message appear. My system is a brand new Dell quad core, Q955- @ 2.83GHz with 8 GB RAM running Win7 64 bit.


      The files i'm using are located on a network drive, and i'm wondering if this may be the problem. If i leave it go for a minute or two it rectified itself, but I find it a bit strange considering the software and hardware i'm running.


      Any ideas where to start?

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          NEtwork storage may be the cause of this. Does it happen when you save to your hard disk?

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            I am receiving this as well, but in addition to seeing it when trying to Save, I have also seen it when trying to print an AI drawing:


            Brand New DELL, Windows 7 64-bit CS5


            I do not get to the actual Save dialog box when this happens. I see the not responding error as soon as I click Save or Print from the file menu. It does not happen all the time either.


            It am not working from a network drive, only local C drive.


            My "Not Reponding" does not go away eventually either, but I am able to close AI.I see the Win7 equivalent to the hour glass (ie - blue wait circle)


            My guess is that AI, is not really busy either (no CPU or disk activity is shown in Task Manager for AI) when this occurs. My system is completely responsive outside of AI.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              Perhaps a permissions problem.

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                Yrdnal Level 1

                I would think that a Permissions issue would be consistently causing  this issue, but seeing as how it does not occur every time, I am leaning  more toward an unavailable resource (as suggested by Monika).


                Although I do not  use a network drive for working, according to this MS  article, having a persistent mapped network drive over a slow connection  or on an older OS (Windows 2000 in my case) could cause this issue as  Win7 "checks" its availabllity prior to displaying the Save Dialog box.  Since I don't see the Save dialog when having this problem (it hangs  before displaying the dialog), it may be that is my issue.


                Here is a Microsoft link that explains this although not an AI specific problem:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313937


                I am going to disconnect the mapped drive to see if that makes this problem disappear. I will post back with my findings.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  I just got off the phone with a client and he does not have Adobe products on his Dell which is a brand new laptop, and I meaan band new like a few weeks old and he has nothing but trouble and freezes all the time and now he is in Dell Hell!


                  I have noticed that all of the problems related to this issue on the windows side  are users who have a Dell.


                  So if it is not a permissions problem and not consistent it sounds to me like a failing hard drive. That would make sense as it might be writing to a healthy sector at one time and then encounter a defect at another time and the problem is probably getting worse until the whole drive cascades.

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                    Yrdnal Level 1

                    Hi Wade,

                    Although the hard drive being bad is a possibility, I have tested my drive and it does not report any errors. Also, it  isn't even getting to the point of saving (the save dialog box never  appears).


                    Is your client Windows 7? Although both incidents reported here are DELL, they are also both Windows 7 and 64-bit. They both have Network drives as well.


                    For me, my box is the only Win7 box that we have that uses a mapped drive, that is connecting over a low bandwidth connection and also has the mapped drive hosted on an older OS (Windows 2000).

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                      Yrdnal Level 1

                      Since disconnecting the persistent mapped network drive, my issue has gone away. So far so good.

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                        Yrdnal Level 1

                        Since disconnecting the persistent mapped network drive, my issue has gone away. So far so good.


                        To  clarify my issue, I was intermittently seeing a 'Not Responding'  message in the title bar of Adobe Illustrator CS5 when attempting to  Save a drawing. Clicking File/Save would immediately show a wait cursor  (blue circle in Windows 7) and the Save dialog box would not appear.


                        Although the 'Not Responding' error would appear, my PC did not seem to  be busy doing anything (no CPU usage for the AI executable in Task Manager).


                        After doing some research on Google for hung applications in Windows 7 when Saving, I came across the following Microsoft link:



                        According to Microsoft, Windows 7, when Saving, first checks the availability of network resources (liked persistent mapped drives). Applications like MS Office can hang when attempting to Save if these network resources are not available. Windows 7 also does not seem to "get along" well with older versions of Windows (like Windows 2000 for example). The hung when saving issue can also be caused by a slow network connection to network resources.


                        In my case, I had:


                        1 - A slow link between the hung Windows 7 PC and a persistent (ie - reconnects at logon) mapped network drive.


                        2 - The network drive is also hosted on a Windows 2000 server (Windows 7 doesn't always play nice with Win2K)


                        After disabling the group policy that mapped this drive at logon time, my hung AI issue went away. I can still reach the drive through a shortcut on the desktop of the Win7 PC and that seems to work out fine. It was only when this resource was "mapped" as a shared drive that this became an issue for Windows 7.


                        Anyone having this issue should also check the possibility of losing your network connection to a shared resource (like the network card going into sleep mode due to power save options and thus breaking the connection to the network).


                        Hope this helps others.