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    fxp file issue in adobe bridge

    50 Hungry Lions Level 1

      Hello, I am posting here because I believe I have a small bug with fxp files in bridge.


      Basically, when I go thru Bridge to open an fxp file it opens in Flash Catalyst, but does not load the panels.


      If I go thru the program and open the project in Flash Catalyst, not using Bridge in anyway it works fine.


      Using Bridge and Flash Catalyst version


      My machine is windows 7 - 64bit, i7 920 processor, 6 gig ram, gtx480 card. Drivers should be up to date.


      Issue: Panels do not load (stay white) in Flash Catalyst if clicking a .fxp file in Bridge. Does work fine if opened thru the program itself.


      Thank you.

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          robhuddles Level 2

          I can't duplicate this. I'm using the same versions of both Bridge and Catalyst, and am running a similar hardware/OS set, and yet FXP files launched from Bridge load correctly in Catalyst - all panels are there.



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            50 Hungry Lions Level 1

            Thanks for looking into it. One thing to add.


            the panel tabs show up, and I can switch between tabs, unfortunately they are still white with no information in them.


            Also the first time I tried to open a fxp file thru bridge, it tried opening them via After Effects, which was wierd.


            A quick log off, and it fixed the problem.  I looked to make sure that the fxp extention correctly attached to a CS5 program in preferences, but I did not find a fxp extention listed in there.


            Although if I right click the file and use Open with, it says, Flash catalyst is the default program for it.


            Thanks again.