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    Flex Data Services does not see remote methods in extended ColdFusion component.


      I have created a remote service base component as a AModelService.cfc file. I extend that file to make my ModelService.cfc. When I configure the ColdFusion data service and point to ModelService.cfc and click next, I don't see any remote methods (there are none explicitly defined in the component) in the Service Operations window.


      If I go back and point to AModelServide.cfc, the parent component, and hit next, I see all the remote methods that are defined in the parent component. So, either I am doing something wrong, or Data Services does not look at methods up the cfc prototype chain, which from an OOP standpoint means that instead of say creating one restful base class and being nice and DRY you can't. I.e. not OOP for data services. Is this a bug, or what?


      Anybody get data services to work with extended service components?