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    How do I create a cover for my epub book?

    web four

      I am new at this and would like to figure out on my own so I can create more ebooks from my print books.  I created the document in indesign cs5 then exported to epub.  when creating I followed Terry White and used master B for the cover image with two blank pages after it then used master A for the flowing text.. when I export doc to epub, I do not  have a cover for the book.  When I look at it in epub or on an ipod the first page that comes up on the screen is the cover image along with the next page "The Arrival" the title page.  I tried  a page break to separate them and that did not work. I'm not even sure if this is the reason I am not getting a cover image.


      I do know someone said about creating the cover in the itunes store, but then will that transfer to all epub reading devices?  I don't think so.  I would like to set it up so the cover image shows up in everyone's library instead of that stinky generic cover.  Please be aware it took me quite some time to figure out how to unzip a file and zip it back up in epub.  I know pretty basic stuff, but I'm not your best computer wizard here.  I'm saying this so if you help me can you be very thorough.  I did put the doc through epub check for the heck of it and got a couple errors, but not worried about that at this time.  They were minor and I will address those after I figure out how to get a cover image.


      If someone needs to see the file, I would be more than happy to attach it, but if I do attach it - is it out there for everyone to see?  And what files should I attach?

      Thanks anyone who can help. Lisa