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    Anyone using a GL2 for their device input?

    expeditionwest Level 1

      I have a Canon GL2 as my recording device. In PrePro 1.5, all I did was hook up my IEEE94 plug from the GL2 to my IEEE94 plug card on the back of my computer. Immediatly, PrePro would recognize the device and I can start pulling the info off my GL2 video tape to the project window. WOW - the way it's supposed to work.


      Now, with CS5, I do the same thing, but CS5 won't recognize the camera.


      Yes, Device Control set to NTSC, CANON GL2, AUTO DETECT... all settings appear to be OK.


      Still, CS5 doesn't recognize the camera. Of course my first reaction was OH NO, $2,500 down the tubes for WIN7 64 and CS5 Production Premium and now I'll probably spend a month in forums, various advice panels, trial and errors (and the possiblility of screwing something up in my box while adjusting this plug or setting or that) and (like some products) no resolution.


      For you with GL2,s - how do you connect your camera to the computer?  Do you use the IEEE94 port or the miniUSB?


      Thanks for your help. Enjoy your Labor Day.