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    Flex app menu proposals?


      I have an app which has 8 views.


      I need to make a menu to navigate this views.


      How should I go?


      Show in my main app create states and in each state include my view?


      Should I have my views as NavigatorContent of a viewstack and then use it as a dataprovider for a tabbar?


      How do you code it?

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          daslicht Level 2


          I have a main view container with viewstack which contain sub components.


          The simplest way imo is just to try and find out what works best.


          I tried so many different things and now things crystalized down to one solution.


          However, I think when I start building/desingning the the final Applikation I will have to try different appraches again.


          At the moment I just built the 'engine' for a Applikation and later I try to built a GUI in Catalyst.


          If that do not work I probably import swf's into Flash.


          Anyone ever created components in Flex and imported them into Flash ?


          Would be great to create reuseable Flash Components with inspector etc ...


          I will see


          Good Luck!