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    Timecode from QT file


      I'm considering Premiere CS5 for long form project that should start very soon. We'll be using couple of Canon HDSLRs, double system sound.

      For workflow that we plan we'll need to have proper timecode and tape / reell name in h264 mov files. Adding that information (Time of Day timecode + tape name based on folder name) via QTchange is not an issue, and Quicktime, Avid MC and Final Cut Pro are reading information properly.

      In Premiere CS5 tape name is OK while timecode is always off. For example if media start at 00:48:00:20 in Premiere is interpreted as 00:47:57:17....or 00:49:54:22 is 00:49:51:17, etc.

      So, how is Premiere reading timecode from Quicktime file? Is there any way to solve this issue? Of course, modifying TC manualy is not an option this time.


      Thank you in advance.