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    download error in digital editions


      I have had some problems downloading ebooks to digital editions.

      Two purchased books, and at least one book from Gutenberg have caused a problem. In the case of the purchased books it happens when I am downloading the book from the site, and in the case of the Gutenberg book it is when I copy it from a disk location. In all cases I receive the following window


      This document appears to have minor erros that might

      cause it to be displayed incorrectly



      The transfer fails and the book is not transferred. With the first purchased book I was informed by the supplier that they saw no problems at their end.


      This message is really useless. Is there somewhere that I can see what Digital Editions thinks the problem is (like a log or trace file)? Or can anyone tell me where to look to solve this?


      I am on a low speed modem connection. With the first book, I had the errors during low speed download. However when I did connect high-speed it worked. I will be trying to do this with the second purchased book. However the Gutengerg book was transferred internal to the computer.


      Thanks in advance

         John Crawford