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    PPBM5 Benchmark


      This question is more or less directed to those with systems tested by against PPBM5.  Do you think you would see any improvements on the benchmark test simply by increasing the memory in your system if already at 12G or up?


      I recently rendered a 52 min video.  (It took 41 hours).  I have 12G memory and noticed there was always around 2.5G available in standby.  I saw 0 hard faults (disk memory usage)  So it appears I do not need more memory?  I'm running an i7 930 & GTX480 and someone said you should have 4G per core (not sure if that is true) so in that case I'm short.  I also noticed that the cores were running around 40%.  It seems they should run higher which means there is a bottleneck?  Maybe memory?  Maybe because I'm not running RAID?  I did see disk access by Premier Pro.  I wonder if that will happen no matter what so in that case increasing RAID where the program resides would help?  Appreciate any thoughts.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Look at the results page on the http://ppbm5.com site and judge for yourself.

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            Baz R Level 3



            what format are you editingin,  and format of export. 41 hours is very long.


            more memory has a performance gain on mainly mepg exports.


            Have a look at my score with the 5.01 update I went from 95 sec to 34 secs with mpeg-2 dvd. with the current 5.02 time has went to 24 secs.


            it may help you if you do the benchmark, as this will show the bottelneck of your PC.




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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Yes with the initial testing I did Friday with the 5.0.2 and our internal benchmarks, the results were considerably better with a 970 at stock over the 980 we did in the initial internal benchmarks. Adobe has made some nice performance optimization. Programs will normally only use the amount of ram that is available accept at certain points like when it goes to write a file on a drive. That is why its hard to tell when more ram will benefit the programs your using. In the case of CS5, 12 GB is rarely minimum of where you want to be and 24GB will handle most editing workflows with some to spare. So yes increasing the ram to 24 GB will help.