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    Opening Ai files: Slow, crashing, and not responding

    AckChris Level 1

      I started creating an interactive web graphic in illustrator, making sure to rasterize and use symbols as much as possible to make the file smaller for importation to flash catalyst. However, when I tried to open a new project from the illustrator file in flash catalyst, it said there was a memory/java related error. I closed Fc and tired again. Unfortunately, now I can't give the specifics of the errors because the program stops responding whenever I try to open anything - not even getting far enough to give the error report again.


      When I reopen Fc, a project recovery box pops up, saying that my project has been recovered. When click OK, view the recovered file, i see the blank workbench, with my illustrator project's layers listed in the layer's panel. But the page never stops loading (the rainbow wheel on my mac doesn't go away no matter now long i wait), the program stops responding, and i have to 'force quit'


      I can't find any similar problems on this or other forums.


      Any suggestions?

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          AckChris Level 1

          I reinstalled the program, and caught more of the error information this time before it started to consistently stop responding. There is a popup that says it was a java heap error, to which I can only click 'ok'. That's followed by a second popup with more info on the error, stating that is is a java.lang.Out OfMemory error. Unfortunately, when i click for 'details' for the code, the program always crashes. This is very frustrating!

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            YKCreativeArts Level 2

            Try to revisit your AI file and see specially for following:

            01) Have you scaled text just by dragging bounding box of text....if you have more text, more outlines will cause generation of more paths, which will require FC to handle more paths....you may check this by saving a copy of your AI file in FXG file format with FXG Save Option "Save Illustrator Private Data: turned off" and import FXG file back in AI and see in layers panel

            02) Are you using heavy images like 300 PPI or so

            Try to optimize these issues, it may help. Thanks.