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    Custom Profile-Based Corrections Don't Get the Lens from EXIF?

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      I have decided I like SOME of the profile-based lens corrections, but not 100%.


      Notably, I do NOT want ACR automatically applying distortion correction by default, though I do prefer some vignetting correction and full CA correction by default.


      Thus I have checked [ ] Enable Lens Profile Corrections, but have turned Distortion down to 0 and Vignetting down to 50.


      Doing so changed the Setup: field to Custom, and this seems to have disabled the software from choosing the lens model automatically.  In other words, having saved these settings as the Camera Raw default, no matter what lens I used for a shot the lens I saved the settings with (28-135) comes up.




      Is this "all or nothing" automation the expected behavior?  To me it doesn't seem to make much sense to disable the automatic selection of the proper lens from the EXIF data just because one of the sliders has been changed.


      Have I missed a key configuration item or process here?


      This is not a show-stopper, but making sure the proper lens profile is used is one more thing to worry about when doing conversions, especially batches of them.