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    Working on a project from Ppro 1.5

    expeditionwest Level 1

      I found it necessary to rework a long standing project that I started when I had PPro 1.5.


      When I opened it for the first time in CS5 PPro, a window popped up saying it was necessary to convert the project and contents to CS5, so I clicked OK on it. The results were problematic, but I worked them and got everything working fine ....... except:


      On a few clips, (walking clips) the image was a bit shaky, so I used the original 2D3D anti-shake filter from PPRO 1.5. The result (then) was a nice smooth walking picture...incredible clean up of the image.


      After converting over the project to CS5, that set of clips is now shaky again, since (I imagine) CS5 doesn't use the 2D3D anti-shake filter anymore.


      My question is what native filter does CS5 use for anti-shake?  If there is none, what does one suggest to clean up these clips?


      The correct answerer will get two free tickets to the next Mars launch. How's that for a deal?


      Thanks (lol)