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    After Effects CS5 DNxHD rendering problems


      Hello folks, I posted this last month, but still haven't worked it out.  My problem is that everytime I try to render a quicktime from After Effects CS5 using Avid's DNxHD codec, I get this error, about 60 - 100 frames in:  "Rendering error while writing to file (path name here). An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1610153464)  I've tried rendering to different drives, rendering with and w/out multiprocessing, with and w/out Open GL rendering, different comps / projects, and different flavors of the DNxHD codec (8 bit, 10bit, 145, 220, etc).  Here's my basic system specs:


      Win 7 Pro 64bit

      Dual 6 core Westmere Processors

      48GB Ram

      Quadro FX 3800 1.5GB (driving 2 x 24" HP monitors)

      GeForce GT 240 (driving a Cintiq tablet)


      I have another system, same operation system, but with dual quad core Nehalem's and 16GB Ram and a Quadro FX 3400 and it renders to DNxHD just fine.  I'm certain I have the latest codecs from Avid, and I've tried both the LE and PE versions.  Any thoughts?



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          It's a bug in the CoDec itself, if I'm not mistaken. I've seen this being discussed somewhere, but can't remember the full details. I believe the issue oils down to the Avid stuff using an older version of some compiler library and not dealing correctly with some SSE stuff on some processors. You may try to toy around with the BIOS settings to suppress SSE4 and 4.1 and see if it helps. Also consider installing the .NET runtimes. They still have those magical healing poweers, as the install resolves any version conflicts that may exist with outdated system DLLs bundled with some programs. That may also help. In the long run, though, I think Avid will just have to update DNx to properly work on 64bit and those new processors...



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