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    capture canon hv30 hdv problems


      Using cs5 production suite on new computer running vista ultimate 64 bit.  have i-7 processor 12 gigs of ddr3 ram nvidia fx 1700gpu.  when attempting to capture hdv from canon hv30 the rocord button is grayed out.  The project and sequence panels are both set to hdv 1440 x 1080.  the capture contols the camcorder for all commands except record.  I have downloaded the latest update from nvidia.  If the project and sequence is set up for dv, all works fine, but why do that when the recorded tape is hdv quallity?  I am using firewire from camcorder to computer.  I have contacted canon and reply was it's not the camcorder.  I haven't found anyway to contact adobe.  So, I need help from anyone who may have a solution.



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          Jim Hines Level 1

          Maybe try this - in Windows control panel go to AutoPlay - in the digital device drop down set it to "Ask me everytime" -  - Maybe restart the machine (optional) try plugging in the camera and turning it on - when Windows gives you the dialogue box choose PPro. I don't have any experience with this issue but I'm just trying to offer you a way to maybe get to where you want to be.


          Also be sure your camera is set to send HDV out in the cameras menu.


          Good luck.

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            Matt Petersen Level 3

            getting some HDV camcorders to work well in capture mode can be entertaining. I have 2 x HV30's and 2 x XLH1's and have experienced my fair share of heartache and drama trying to get HDV vision into my (windows 7 & XP) machines.


            the fact that you can actually control the camcorder with Premiere is a big step.


            Now, when you say the "Record Button is Greyed Out", are you 100% sure that's what you mean? Because if you said that the record button doesn't seem to "do" anything, that's pretty normal: you often have to press record, THEN press PLAY to start the capture along (just like in the old days with tape machines!)


            If the button truly is greyed out, it seems that Premiere already knows it can't capture from that device when the capture window opens. The possible reasons I can think of are: wrong capture preset (try a few. there is an entry for Canon), low disk space on Project disk, to name a couple.


            Try downloading the free utility HDV split. This will help you to "divide and conquer" by telling you if your issue is with the computer's AVC subunit drivers, or within Premiere itself.



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              rsauve12 Level 1

              Thank you for response.  The problem was with the setup on the canon hv30.  Even with a tape that was recorded in hdv, if the camera record menu is not currently set to hdv it will apparently not play back in hdv.  I had recorded some video on the camcorder in standard dv.  When I reset camera menu for recording in hdv and then tried to capture in Premiere Pro cs5 it worked fine.  This was very frustrating finding the correct procedure to use.  This forum and your responses were right on. 



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Ah, I can see where something like DV Lock in the camera could mess things up.


                Thanks for posting the exact cause of your issue, and glad that things are working fine for you.


                Good luck,



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                  Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                  Hate to say it Ron,



                  Read the settings  in the manual, that is the key. You have got to set it to HDV Quality. We have been using the Hv20/30 for over 3 years and no problems.Manually record if you must


                  Ps. this is an amazing videocamcorder or VTR, it even can play back tapes from the Pro HA-1 or better. There have been some drop outs using the consumer mini tape , better to use the Sony Digital Master at any price.


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                    Hi...... see you have a problem that iv had.


                    If i understand what u wanted to say:

                    when u want to put your hdv material from tape that u recordet to computer u link camera with wireframe cable and you open premiere and than you clik a capture but in capture window record button is gray and u don know what to do....if that is your problem

                    .....this is solution:


                    go in camera ( whatever camera will be) menu and find I LINK CONVERTER and then shut it off ,that is problem.

                    U use i link conv when u want hdv material on tape directly capture to a computer  in dv so then u use i link conv.

                    Hope this is solution for your problem

                    It was for me.....

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                      Studio North Films Level 3

                      this is very strange, I had an issue today trying to transfer footage from a cutomers hv 20 ?? to my PC. I could not get it to work at all. tried different drivers. At the end I had to press play via premiere and then record to get it to work.


                      took a few hours.