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    Can't get my geturl for buttons to work !


      I'm working with a flash file from a template I got.  I'm  trying to link the "read more" buttons to individual pages. This is not  working in flash. I manage to open one, but the rest of the buttons open  the same page... not individually.

      Here are the links for each button:

      Button 1. Mexico is clicked the READ MORE button should get URL : 

      Button 2. Costa Rica should get URL: http://www.....co.uk/Tours/Costa%20Rica/Costa%20Rica%20Highlight%20Tour%209%20days%208%20n ights%20Selfdrive.html

      Button 3. Panama should get URL: http://www.....co.uk/Tours/Panama/Panama%20Highlight%20Tour%208%20Days%207%20Nights.html


      I basicly wrote:


      on (release) {
            geturl ("http://www.....co.uk/Tours/Mexico/Mexico%20Viva%20Best%20of%2011%20Days%2010%20Nights.html", "_blank");


      The movieclip that contains the "button" has six diferent movieclips inside. I tried to convert them to buttons, but nothing.


      I tried to use html without spaces, but it didn't work eather. I also  tried to change instances but also nothing seams to work.


      If someone could help it would be great! Thanks.




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