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    Controlling timeline of loaded swf


      I am updating a site that was originally created in AS2. The very large music library for the site contains "sample" files that were auto generated into SWFs files. But they do not contain any properties, methods, or labels; just the sounds. When I load the SWFs with the AS3 Loader class, they automatically start playing and I can't seem to access any controls whatsoever. I've checked all the references and inheritance chains, but nothing looks doable. I tried to wrap one in a MovieClip object, but that deosn't work (or maybe I didn't do it right). What am I doing wrong? Does anybody have any ideas? Or perhaps a work around? Please? Pretty please?

      Too bad they weren't mp3 as that would have been cake. I don't even want to start thinking about replicating the library into mp3 "samples". Chalk down another drawback migrating from AS2 to AS3.

      Thank you very much in advance.