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    Is there a way to disable Update to Current process Exclamation mark?

    Vit Novak Level 3

      Just opened some photos from last vacation with ACR 6.1, taken with my Canon compact. So, on this version, there is a possibility to use the old 2003 processing model, or the new one (2010). It's hard to make any claims which processing looks better for me after half an  hour of experimenting, but first impression is that 2003 is still more up to my taste on some landscape details, in particular waves far on the sea surface. On current 2010 process, whole sea surface looks a bit more plasticky, while interpolation artifacts (in vertical direction instead of horizontal) are moire visible. Tryed various settings of sharpening and noise reduction, but this (first) impression remains, although differences are subtle - 2010 still slightly remains me to intepolation method in DPP, which I don't like


      If you choose 2003, exclamation mark persists in the lower right corner, offering update to 2010, which is a bit disturbing - you can choose it in the dropdown box. Is there a way to get rid of it, other that choosing 2010 processing ?