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    Spry Datatable Error IE 7

      Greetings to all,

      I'm having an issue with IE 7 throwing an error (which appears to be in the spry javascript code) when displaying a Spry data table.

      The site currently in an advanced beta phase, and I'm running CS3 web premium (Dreamweaver CS3). I've used Spry to create an events table (modified from the example templates/source on the video workshop disc) to display events on the left by name and date with a detail region on the right as users click through the listings. Everything has come together nicely and Firefox displays everything perfectly, however IE7 throws an error (error text posted below) when I load the page. No other errors have occurred across the site in either browser, so I suspect this may be related to the xpath.js or SpryData.js scripts that are utilized to enable these functions.

      The URL for the offending page is http://www.mansion462.net/events/events.htm

      The error log from IE7 is as follows:

      Line: 1692
      Char: 3
      Error: Number expected
      Code: 0
      URL: http://www.mansion462.net/events/events.htm

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as Java is not my forte. Thanks in advance.