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    Loading Modules and Compatibilty Mode




      We've got an Flex 3 application which I've recently "upgraded" to Flex 4 - mainly by using Flex 3 Compatibilty Mode.The next phase of the application requires loading of a number of custom and configurable modules. To this end, I've been working with ModuleManager to load a module into a container in the main app.


      If I try to load in a module - fully Flex 4 SDK with a couple of spark components, I get an error about the skin for one of the components not being found:


      Error: Skin for main.appStage.consoleView.consoleareas.Canvas68.admin.VBox409.pluginContainer.MyPlugin.HG roup427.btnPressMe cannot be found.


      I appreciate that I cannot load modules of a different SDK version into the app, but is it the case that there are issues trying to  load a Flex 4 module into an app compiled in compatibility mode? The module in this case has one s:label and a couple of s:Buttons (the btnPressMe being the first). If I try a module that only has the label, it seems to work fine. I haven't create a specific skin for the btnPressMe component, by the way.


      Thanks in advance for any advice with this.