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    "Unexpected file format" unless I rename

    ShpigelMania Level 1



      I'm working as a freelancer in a flash project. The project includes a list of as2 files which I need to edit and debug. I was going to do that using flash cs3 but every time I try to open an as2 file I get an "Unexpected file format" error message. The files are strictly text and (not binary), but it seems flash cs3 won't open files with a '.as2' extension (e.g. scriptfile1.as2). If I rename the file so it holds the .as extension (e.g. scriptfile1.as) then cs3 opens it fine. Unfortunately I cannot rename these files since I'm not the owner of the project, I merely make some modifications.


      Does anyone know of a way to open .as2 files in flash cs3 without renaming them to .as?


      Thanks in advance,