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    XML signature verification fails after 2 days of inactivity

    Abhishek110486 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Please let me know the reason for failure of XML signature verification after of 2 days of inactivity. If we want to restart the service we need to run a PDF signature verification with PDF having one signature field.


      I have observed XML verification result for both the case i.e. in working as well as non working. In non working state xml verification result contains less byte array in certificate list compare to verification result of working state. It means after few days of inactivity few byte array get missing but once we completed pdf signature verifications, all byte array is available in certificate list and we get proper xml signature verification result.


      Will you tell me the reason for failure of xml signature verification??


      Is there any standard xml signature schema available??


      Is there any dependancy between PDF signature verification and Xml signature verification??


      Any websites to help me out in this issue


      Kindly provide me a suggestion on this. Kindly drop a mail regarding this on bachelor.abhishek@gmail.com


      Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!