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    Widescreen difficulties


      I have a HDD Camcorder (JVC) which records in Widescreen 720x576.  My problem is that PRE thinks the videos I add into it are in 4:3 but they aren't. And so the video is squashed, and there are the 2 vertical black stripes either side of the screen to fill in the space.  How do I tell PSE that the videos are in widescreen?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          JVC MOD files are a strange breed and have a set of problems uniquely their own.


          The easiest way to "unsquash" the video is to right-click on the clips (on the timeline or in the Project panel) and select Interpret Footage.


          And I hope it goes without saying that you MUST have Premiere Elements set up for a widescreen hard drive camcorder project!