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    Problem detaching webcam




      I am doing a little app that display a webcam, take pictures and some other stuff.


      I can see the webcam, everything goes fine, but I have one problem:


      I want to detach the webcam from the videodisplay in order not to get the camera when i am on another part of my app.

      The little led showing that the webcam is active is always on and the only way I found to stop it is to stop my app.


      My question is the following: how to stop the webcam?


      Here is my code for attaching the webcam:


      public function init():void{




      if(camera!=null) display.attachCamera(camera);



      and for the videodisplay:

      <mx:VideoDisplay id ="display" width="666" height="500" />

      I tried display.stop(); display.close() but nothing happens and the led is still on.
      Thanks for those who will answer