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    Cannot invoke run as

    Andreas Fink

      Hi, i have a little problem on my main system, i am not able to run a fresh created extension via "run as", Error:


      --- snip ---

      Could not overwrite the extension
        Error attempting to replace Stage Manager with the debug SWF. Please check the location of the CS5 Service Manager in your Eclipse preferences and retry.
          Installing Stage Manager Debug SWF failed
          Could not find debug Stage Manager for version: 137

      --- snip ---


      Everything is updated to the lastest version, however it is possible to invoke "attach as (Beta)" which runs the Extension fine.

      It is also not possible to run existing extensions which i have created before the update.


      On my second machine, which has not the latest patches installed, everything is working as expected.

      As far as i can see, everything (settings,paths, sdk version) is the same except the latest updates.


      Any idea ?