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    Using LCDS producr / consumer in WebLogic WSRP portlet not working


      I am investigating the use of LCDS to asynchronously "push" data to Flash components residing in WebLogic portlets.  I've set up a test using an LCDS producer/consumer destination - the Flash component is the consumer and the producer is implemented in a java Servlet.  The code for the test is basically a copy of the data push scenario in the LCDS samples.  The test is being run both in "local" portlets, and portlets that are intended to be consumed by other portals using WSRP.
      When I run the test using "local" portlets (that is, hosted on the same portal server as the portal, and accessed via the portal on that same server) everything works well.  When I execute my producer servlet, the consumers get the asynchronous push.
      However, when the Flash component is in a portlet consumed remotely into a different portal via WSRP, the push doesn't work.  I execute the servlet, I see the local clients getting the message, but the WSRP portlet never gets the message.  Do I have to do something different to enable LCDS to push data to a remotely consumed WSRP portlet?