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    How to use Rest Resources implementing a uri() in a DataGrid?




      I have an AdvancedDataGrid which has HierarchicalData as its data provider. Now, the source of the HierarchicalData is an ArrayCollections with objects retrieved via a REST call. Every REST object has a uri and therefor the objects in the array collection have it.


      It seems that Flex "inserts" its own uri into objects it shows in a data grid. This probably goes "wrong" seeing as the objects already have a uri (but the debugger doesn't really barf on it)


      Because of this I believe the multiselect in the data grid is broken. I can only select one item at a time anymore. Selecting succeeding items in the datagrid with shift+click stopped working.


      Could the multiselect be broken because of our own uri()? And what would be the solution to work around.


      Thanks a bunch,