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    Channel Disconnected Error with Zend


      We're having quite the time figuring out the settings for our amf_config.ini file for a project to be deployed on a hosted web service.


      We've had no problems in creating the PHP Data Service and and using it in our development environment. Getting the application to actually connect to the databases once deployed has been another matter.


      Currently we are getting the following error:


      "Channel disconnected

      Channel disconnected before acknowledgement was received"


      We tried a number of suggestions posted on Adobe forumns, and elsewhere with no luck.


      Here's the current amf_config.ini file:



      ;set the absolute location path of webroot directory, example:
      ;Windows: C:\apache\www
      ;MAC/UNIX: /user/apache/www
      webroot = .


      ;set the absolute location path of zend installation directory, example:
      ;Windows: C:\apache\PHPFrameworks\ZendFramework\library
      ;MAC/UNIX: /user/apache/PHPFrameworks/ZendFramework/library
      zend_path = ZendFramework/library


      amf.production = true




      Any ideas as to what might be causing the problem?