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    API Failure when creating .WMV Files


      I just built a brand new PC, running Win7 Ultimate 64 bit. It's running on Gigabyte 880 chipset, onboard video (Radeon 4250) and a AMD 1055T processor.


      I specifically built this system to run PE8,  because it would not peform adequately on my older system (running PE7). Imagine my disappointment when the first thing I tried failed:


      I copied an .AVI file (very small, about 1 minute) to my new PC (created in PE7), brought it into the Timeline and went to the Share tab and selected Windows Media Player/LAN. About 50% of the way through the render, I got an Export Error/API Failure. I have never seen this error before. I restarted PE, rebooted the system, but I cannot get past this error. If I select another Preset in WMV, example, ISDN, then it works. It just won't do the LAN preset.


      Any ideas? I have the 8.0.1 patch installed.