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    How to: Override TextInput default label value in an Extended DataGrid

    Devtron Level 3



      I am trying to add a default text value to my TextInput control, inside my extended DataGrid.


      I am able to set the super.toolTip property and that works fine, but I am unable to set the default text value of the TextInput control.


      Here is the function I use to override the toolTip's value, for the TextInput control.


              override public function set data(value:Object):void
                  _data = value as DataGridFilterColumn;
                  headerText.text = _data.headerText;
                  super.toolTip = 'To filter ' + headerText.text  + ' please type the first few letters of the ' + headerText.text + ' into the filter box.' ;
                  if (_data.dataField=="name"){
                      super.label = "{type here to filter by name}";   


      My code for  setting the "super.label" value does not work, does anybody know why, or how I could set the TextInput's default label value?

      I have tried to set it in the constructor for TextInputRenderer but no luck. I am not sure why the toolTip would work, but the label value would not?