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    date chooser

      Is it possible to set valid dates for the date chooser?

      if so how would I go about setting the valid dates? If not how is everyone else dealing with this?

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          you could use the dateChoooser.disabledRanges or disabledDays property.

          what its looking for is an array of dates that are then disabled.

          disabledDays = [ 0, 6 ]

          disables Sunday and Saturday. the days are only for days of the week and not date specific days. for that you'll need the disabledRange.

          disabledRanges="{[ new Date(2006,0,11), {rangeStart: new Date(2006,0,23), rangeEnd: new Date(2006,1,10)}, {rangeStart: new Date(2006,2,1)} ]}"

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            darrylfrith Level 1
            ok this does sort of work but its not really practical for my app. I don;t even really need to dissable the dates as long as i can show the dates that have data. I would like to change the background of the cells for the dates that have corresponding data. is there a way to style the datechooser like that?