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    error executing rds command. status code 404 reason not found

    TheMtyThor Level 1

      i wonder why this is such a HARD answer to find. I am following james Wards' example here, http://www.jamesward.com/2010/01/11/flash-builder-4-data-wizards-with-java-spring/ . the biggest mystery in this world seems to be this error message and not even James Ward knows why? so i hope some one wont mind helping a poor schlub out, I am using Eclipse galileo 3.52, Flash Builder Plug 4,standard, tomcat 6.0. When the Server boots up, i can see the services ready to go, yet when i click the data/service tab in eclipse to assign the Service to RDS, i keep getting this message error executing rds command. status code 404 reason not found. and it si DRIVING ME IN SANE because no matter how hard you look for thsi answer, it seems you need to pay the ferry man to get it. ANYONE PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE ( ok that felt better but i still need some help or explaination plz)


      Also when i added Annotations it doesnt automatically add the referenced import statement. the life of several Cute and Fuzzzy lemmings is now i your hands, dont let them DIE!