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    How do you make PP CS5 use more allocated physical memory???


      As you know, you can go to Preferences > Memory and change the amount of RAM reserved for other applications.

      Now, I have 8 GB of RAM installed (Windows 7), and I have set my “RAM reserved for other applications” option to 1.5 GB. That leaves 6.5 GB of memory for Adobe AE, Pr, Encore and Media Encoder.
      Here’s the problem: every time when I’m rendering or exporting in Premiere, I can see through Task Manager that Premiere uses only 1.5 or 2.0 GB of the physical memory, not the 6.5 GB that I’ve allocated. I know the rest is reserved for other applications, but none of them are running at the moment. So, how can I make PP CS5 use more of all the physical memory that’s left?