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    Endless renders

    Luke6 Level 1

      As my renders approach the 100% mark they keep slowing down or getting extended to a higher number of total frames to render so that they go on forever. If I leave it running long enough, I get an error message. Does anyone know what this is about? Thanks

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you give us the details on the following?


          1.) your system

          2.) your Assets (source files)

          3.) you Project/Sequence Preset

          4.) the error message that you receive


          This ARTICLE will give you tips on what will be so important, and also how to gather some of the info.


          Likely, something in there will point someone to an idea, that will help you solve this.


          Good luck,



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            Luke6 Level 1

            Thanks. I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 on a Dell T3400 with Vista 64bit. My project settings are compatible with my assets: NTSC in 24p: I should probably specify that the problem came up when I realized I had initially set up for 29.97 and then copied and pasted everything on my timeline to a new sequence set up to 23.97. I had to render everything again, of course, and when I did, this started happening. Now it also happens on the sequence set up in 29.97. Weird. I'll have a look at the article you pointed out. Cheers. If you  have any other suggestions based on my info, it's most welcome. Thanks again for your help.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              higher number of total frames to render


              That's not normal.  The total frames to render is fixed for any sequence.  It should not change at all.

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                Luke6 Level 1

                I know, it's weird. On the pop up frame during render it says "rendering frame x of y". When I render y keeps getting bigger as x approaches it. Same above where it says "rendering x of y video previews.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Did you update to 5.0.2?

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                    Luke6 Level 1

                    Yeah, I do have 5.0.2. The other thing that surprises me is that all the red above the timeline doesn't seem to affect playback performance. And I tried exporting and it comes out fine.

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                      rejdmast1 Level 2

                      I have just recently seen the same problem with PP 5.02.  I haven't had a chance to try and narrow the problem down yet.

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                        Luke6 Level 1

                        Doing a bit more experimentation I've found that the problem, in my case, seems to be linked to titles I've put in a track above the video. I've opted to use this technique, as opposed to Encore, to do subtitles, and I've noticed that where there are none, the video track renders fine. Could this be because I created the titles and put them on a 29.97 sequence initially, and then copied and pasted them into a 23.97 sequence?

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                          Luke6 Level 1

                          Yup, I'm now pretty sure that's what the problem is. I created a whole bunch of titles at frame rate 29.97 and copied them into a sequence at 23.97. No surprise it's causing some conflict. I guess my question now becomes, do I have to recreate all my titles or is there a quick way to change their frame rates? I tried copy and paste attributes, but that didn't do it.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            This behavior isn't normal, even with the title situation.  If it's definitely reproducible, I'd file a bug report.



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                              In House Productions

                              If you make text, use the opacity to fade. I had a fade to black transition for text on Video Track 2, a video with the fade to white transition on Video Track 1 simoultaneously. This created the endless render. Watch overlapping conflicts with multiple level video transitions.


                              I like this program, last time I was serious about video we used SVHS and a break in the control track meant your project was scrap.

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                                shooternz Level 6

                                I doubt its the title because titles are "based on a still frame".  ie. there is no frame rate involved.