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    Gaussian blur problem?

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      I'm going through the Adobe premiere cs5 classroom in a book and in project 09-05 you have to apply Gaussian blur, a bit of swivel and lens flare to a title that's just two words of text. The problem is when I apply the Gaussian blur on top of (or below) the swivel the title starts moving up and down (vertically) on the screen. It still swivels and blurs but I can't imagine moving is a desirable attribute of blurring a bit of text. It is animated with key frames to blur into focus and blur out again at the end while slowly swiveling.

      If I deactivate either of the effects they work as you'd expect but when they're both on the title (text) starts moving up and down too. I can't see any other key frames on any other attribute that could be causing that movement but it does seem to be following the line in the swivel animation.

      Is that just how these work together? I checked the finished sequence provided by the lesson but that moves like that too. How would you go about keeping the text in the one position with these two effects?
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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          I don't know the project you're referring to, but you might check the order of the effects - perhaps they might be reversed in the example?  If so, you can reorder them simply by clicking and dragging.


          If not, you could try cleaning your media cache and deleting your preferences, both seem to help cure weird behavior at times.