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    Want to change the Hbox background color but, cannot! Please help!

    Kidnasty2001 Level 1

      I am using Spark Graphite theme and the following code rests inside the main.mxml in my flex project. Its probably a very simple thing but, I have been sloggin my head into it but, in vain.


      <mx:HBox paddingTop="10" paddingBottom="0" width="100%" height="60" styleName="mainLogoPanel">

      <mx:Image source="styles/logo_17.png" scaleContent="true" />

      <mx:Label text="{df.format(new Date())} | Welcome, {username}"  color="#FFFFFF" textAlign="right" width="90%" />

      <mx:LinkButton id="logou2t" label="logout" click="PerformLogout()"  width="77"/>



      How can I change the background color of this hbox?