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    Infinite Loop of Training folder


      I have been doing Day 1 of the Flex training.  I was having a problem with my "solution" files not displaying when I ran the debugger (I am using the flash builder trial).  I thought maybe there was some problem in the  files so I went in to delete them and start over.  I get an error "The folder 'ex1_01_solution' contains items whose name is too long for the Recyle bin.  Do you want to delete it?  I say YES and it says Cannot delet EX1_01~1: The file name you specified is not valid or is too long.  Specify a different file name..


      I tried going in to command line and using rmdir C:\Program Files\ex1_01_solution and still it can't delete it.  When I drill down it looks like the folder has somehow copied itself infinitely.  Anyone have an idea of how to get rid of this and why it happened?  I am running on Windows XP.

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          FlexualHealing Level 1

          Have you tried changing the name of the folder or the files you are trying to delete? I have had that problem before with files, but never with the Flex in a Week stuff. Maybe in a worst case scenario you can just leave the files and create a new workspace directory and then re-download the student files?

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            lissajo_et_al Level 1

            Thanks for replying!  I did try renaming the folders and no luck.  Its really crazy!  I have never had this happen before.  The files just never seem to end.  The folder doesn't take much space, but I would love to know why it happened so I don't have a repeat.  I guess I am just going to have to let it be and do the Flex in a Week in another space unless someone knows a solution.  Thanks for the suggestion!

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              FlexualHealing Level 1

              I didn't think of this before, but it was brought to my attention that maybe you are linking to the old Flex in a week for Flex 3. The file extensions have changed for Flex projects with the release of Flash Builder 4. In Flex 3 the projects were .zip archives, but since have been changed to .fxp with the release Flash Builder 4. Here is the link to the current flex in a week http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/.   Again, just a thought.....

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                lissajo_et_al Level 1

                The link you sent is where I am getting the class files from.  I am using the Flash Builder 4 Plugin for Eclipse. I wondered if that was the problem since I had downloaded Eclipse first and installed Flash Builder 4 as a plugin instead of the full Flash Builder 4 trial???

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                  FlexualHealing Level 1

                  Sorry about the previous post....i was responding to a different question and accidently responded to yours. Yes, I agree it may be a plugin problem. The exercises were created using the standalone version of Flash Builder so if you download and install the trial version it may fix it. Just make sure you get the version that allows you access to the debugger and the network monitor or you will have more problems down the road.