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    Limit on line breaks in Dynamic ActionScript 2.0 string variables ?

    Claude_B Level 1



      I have a scroller window in my Flash file which uses a Dynamic string variable fed by a text.html file containing my variable  &about_readmore_txt2


      After running some tests with the text.html file, I noticed that after a certain number of line breaks (either entered by a "RETURN" or a <br />) the final text rendered when the Flash is played becomes erratic. It only displays a portion of the text in the middle of the scrolling window.


      The tests have been run using both options : Rendered as html and not. My tests also shows that this behavior is line breaks related (I shrank the content of the variable down to a point where everything comes back to normal and then, if I add another line break, it starts behaving erraticly again.)


      Any idea how to resolve this issue ?