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    Exporting videos for

    nlm714 Level 1

      Is there a way to export the video you have worked on to a smaller size to people? I am working on a project and need to send it to people but its a pain to export via the YouTube export and send that way. I am looking for a quicker export so they can have an idea what I am working on to speed up edits. Thanks.

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          expeditionwest Level 1

          Flash it ?


          Why not render the sequence, then export it as a FLASH file.


          These days, FLASH seems to have very little loss due to compression and the audio seems to synch fine.



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            nlm714 Level 1

            Thank you for bringing that to my attention that is brillant. I never thought of that after staring at the problem for a little bit.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes, Flash is pretty quick.


              For SD material, the DV-AVI is fast, BUT the files are ~ 13GB/hr., and that is a real problem.


              Some years back, I explored various formats/CODEC's to get me "reference files" for use in Sonicfire Pro. They did not need to be good, and only needed to be muxed. I tried dozens of different formats/CODEC's, and was surprised that DV-AVI (remember, I was dealing with SD) was actually quicker, and much more so, than some of the "usual suspects" for streaming, lower-rez files. That surprised me.


              For your use, I would second FLV.


              Good luck,



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                nlm714 Level 1

                Any recommendations on settings? I have a file that's around 7 minutes and to export its about

                850 mbs. It's HD footage I know that can contribute to large file sizes.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Well, the basics of file size will be the Duration and the bit-rate. The HD CODEC's will compress better, and use lower bit-rates, so the sizes will likely not grow as much as might be thought.


                  With the FLV settings, the higher the bit-rate, the better the quality, but the larger the files. It becomes a balancing act. Also, the better the quality, with settings like VBR (Variable Bit Rate), the longer the Export time. It would be best to experiment, as only you can decide what the acceptable quality is, and if the file size and the Export times work for you.


                  Good luck,



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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I may have missed part of this; if so, sorry.


                    I'm not sure I agree with the flash output.  Your purpose is for users to view your work in progress.  How will you play it for them?  If on the web and you are providing the flash player (needed to play a f4v), no problem.  If they are going to download it, some will not have it.  (Windows media player won't play them in the basic installation at least.)


                    I also don't see what the problem is with youtube or vimeo.  You can password protect it to limit it to only those you want to see it.  Yes, you have an export, an upload, and a conversion.  But the point is not final quality, it is content; right?  And even with flash, you have to export and upload.


                    That said, I do agree flash is a nice preview option.  In CS5, pick the flv/f4v export; f4v match source high quality.  One minute is only 1.3 meg.  Target is 4.5, which is decent.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      You do make a good point. I thought that it was in this thread, that I had mentioned the playability of an FLV, outside of the self-contained player format, SWF, but see that that must have been another. I am a fan of the free MediaPlayer Classic HC, which does a great job with FLV (and most other formats/CODEC). That was also mentioned in the other thread.