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    Flex 4 vs Flex 3 Application Speed


      I've spent a fair amount of time converting an existing Flex 3 application to Flex 4. The application is basically for reporting and instantiates new Graphs within a TabNavigator on demand by the user.


      While the Flex 4 version appears to work perfectly, it is noticeably slower in instantiating the new tabs/graphs than the Flex 3 version.

      I've already been through replacing all Boxes with Groups etc. and replacing as many Halo components with Spark as possible which seems to have improved it somewhat but there is still a noticeable lag (approx 1.5-2 secs to instantiate a tab/graph with Flex 4 vs 1 sec with Flex 3)


      I've also run the apps through the profiler and there is no obvious hot spot to focus on.


      Is this expected behaviour? Should I expect the Flex 4 SDK to be slower than Flex 3?


      Any pointers gratefully received.